The Red Boot Crew is an elite street gang specializing in thievery and fighting. Though most of the members steal, they strive to only steal back from those who have first stolen from them or from those who have stolen from others. They also teach members to protect the little that street dwellers have. Though the gang was founded in Baldur's Gate, it has expanded beyond the largest city into other lands. Members of the crew abound as well throughout the various territories.

Many members of the Red Boot Crew worship the goddess Olladra. The goddess of luck and plenty, gamblers, rogues, bards, and hedonists toast her during parties and festivals. Her main tenets are: Eat, drink, and be merry for life is good and luck comes to those who need it. Olladra favors the bold. Fight against oppression. Any who would deny freedoms should feel Olladra's anger. As a goddess of luck, most followers believe in keeping their eyes open for the unexpected opportunity and believe that most people make their own luck by being prepared and decisive. If one is respectful and ready, moments when a divine hand arranges some small coincidence or decides some seemingly random outcome in his or her favor will be revealed.

Known members of the Red Boot Crew are Kithri and Lebron.