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Played by Steph.

Quelenna is an Eladrin Wizard from the twilight realm of the Feywild. She often dreams of returning to the Feywild, but a mysterious calling resides always in the back of her mind that she has something to accomplish on another plane before she can return. Her childhood consists of mostly happy memories of her parents regaling their three children with stories of their countless adventures, despite their humble means. Quelenna's parents were daring adventurers who traveled all across the planes searching for continued enlightenment. They traveled to the Sarran Coast to uncover ancient scrolls that had been hidden away in a cave, helped rescue the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy merchant from Takka, and spent many months traveling through the Forgotten Forest in order to receive training and guidance from the legendary and ancient sorceress, Mallasena. However, there is one adventure her parents would never talk about, no matter how much Quelenna and her two brothers, Darrius and Nyden, pleaded. Her parents would get very quiet and almost frightened when asked of the fabled Tomb of Horrors. One night Quelenna even overheard her parents whispering about the friends that they had left behind in those cursed dungeons. Perhaps this is what keeps Quelenna from returning to the Feywild.

Despite memories of her happy childhood, Quelenna suffered through a terrible ordeal that separated her from her family. She has blocked out most of the details from her memory between her childhood and the present, except bits and pieces that flash before her of the bastard subrace of the drow. Quelenna knows that the drow are somehow responsible for this horrible time in her life, but until she can deal with the past and find the enlightenment to break through to these vicious memories, she can not fully embrace and remember this past. All she knows of the present is that the unspeakable event left her alone and desperate in the city of Red Landing, forcing her to turn to criminal acts to survive. Her petty thieving eventually got her in trouble with the law and she left the city to try and find her way somewhere else. She was eventually captured and sent to a prison camp where she met four other adventurers: Kithri, Yuka, and Barfa. After breaking out of a prison camp, they ventured to the town of Haverton, where they met Vered. The group has now traveled to Sajf Vapuri. Here Quelenna hopes to find some answers on how to break through to her past memories, find out what happened to her lost family, and discover her ultimate purpose so that she can one day return to the Feywild.

Goals Edit

  • Search for information on the Tomb of Horrors
  • Seek out training in arcana
  • Eradicate the drow