We started playing around 2. This was the second Summerhearth session.

People in attendance Edit

What happened Edit

  • Woke up in the slavepit, freed of all that pesky equipment and XP
  • Began to plot an escape
  • Tried to make friends with some of the NPCs
    • Convinced Raiko and Kairo to help out
    • Begrudgingly got Balug to cast an opportune spell, spill the beans
    • Consistently pissed off Nelaser
  • Stayed up way too late, got a -2 penalty
  • Kithri successfully stole a couple of shovels from the latrines and convinced Lebron to help out
  • Robert totally sucked at trying to sneak an axe
    • He and Yuka were total bully-dicks in the cafeteria though, stole all kinds of food
  • Quelenna, working in the kitchens, made 3 sleeping potions and 1 poison potion
  • Yuka hid a scythe near Lebron's pit
    • He pissed off a guard and was tortured all night long by some Sand Claws
    • He also failed Garvash's inspection which led to his interrogation where he critically failed and had to reveal the escape plot
      • This led to the death of Lebron
  • Kithri started to dig out next to a guard tower, then when the tunnel was complete, ran to Armory and cleared it out
  • Everyone else was distracted by the initial group of guards but eventually went to follow Kithri and run away
  • In the escape, everyone but Yuka was KO'd
    • Everyone but Kithri made it out initially, but she got stopped on an opportunity attack and the rest of the party came back to rescue her
    • Raiko and Kairo helped to deliver much-needed potions to the dying
  • Eventually the party escaped into the fields to the South

Rewards Edit

The group got 700 XP for defeating the bad guys and 300 XP for successfully escaping the slave pits. They also found 400 gp, 3 potions of healing (but all were used in battle), a Lifedrinker Spear, a Thunderburst Hand Crossbow, and a Cloak of Resistance.